01. Farmer

So far, Vietnam Agriculture has been facing to competitive accompanied by challenges. One of the basic goal of Agriculture field is setting the generation of dynamic, innovated, skillful and experienced farmers, who will study the new knowledge, technology and understand the international agreements Vietnam  joining in. 
The combination model between Farmers – Entrepreneurs – Government – Scientists will make a linked chain to promote each party’s role and benefits.

- Farmers: they have conditions to close to capital, the progress of technology and science and are assured the productive outputs under signed contracts with enterprises. So, they can widen their production to improve their lives.

- Entrepreneurs: they are assured about input raw materials. Working closely with farmers to understand the crop, supplies to plan production and sales properly while having commitments to the end buyers.

- Government: they are responsible of setting bills and perform policies to support farmers and entrepreneurs.

- Scientists: they have a condition to research and transfer updated science-technology to manufacturing process.

In addition, farmers still deploy synchronization techniques in plant breeding, nutrition, planting…to change old practices as: reducing chemical fertilizers, pesticide to lead agricultural production toward sustainability and stability.