HALAL Certificate

Besides the international quality, food safety certificates like HACCP, BRC, ISO…, HALAL certificate has been being applied by the Muslim nations for foods, beverages, the agricultural products…. To satisfy the Muslim community’s demand, Haprosimex JSC set up and operated the manufacturing process under HALAL’s standards.

HALAL is the program of evaluating products or services, requesting manufacturers’ high responsibility according to the international standards. The basic purpose of HALAL is the assurance that the exported products has been manufactured as the food regulation of Quran scripture and Sharia law.

Haprosimex JSC’s manufacturing process operates under the food safety standard at the highest level. As a result, we were honored to receive the HALAL certificate from Islamic Community of Ho Chi Minh city on 03-Feb-2017.

We believe that HALAL is the key to open the customers’ trust in Islamic nations.