Tin Tức Công Ty

‘Ventilex’s decontamination system ensures that we deliver good quality products’, says Tam Ngo, Managing Director of Haprosimex JSC. ‘We supply a variety of peppers and spices.’ In this case we are referring to the sterilisation of black and white pepper, including its powdered form.

Haprosimex JSC is a market leader in Vietnam with respect to the production and export of traditional and agricultural products. ‘Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of black pepper, one of the products in which Haprosimex trades, next to rice, coffee, nuts and traditional products such as rice lamps’, explains Lukas Veldmeijer, senior Process Engineer at Ventilex. ‘We supply this Asian company with an environmentally friendly system that uses steam sterilisation to free its products from bacteria.’

Client oriented
Ngo: ‘In the future we would like to extend this method of treatment to other spices and products.’ Haprosimex JSC made a conscious choice for Ventilex, says Ngo. ‘They are very professional, experienced and customer-oriented. Ventilex is also continuously focused on innovation. The added value for us is that, with this system, our products are only in the steam steriliser for a short period of time. This ensures better maintenance of the product’s characteristics.

Hygienic and traceable

The system has a central operating panel, including data logging for validation. ‘This allows for tracking & tracing of your production process’, explains service technician Dennis Barneveld. ‘Process parameters such as pressure and temperature during production are logged and can therefore always be retrieved. All our systems are hygienically designed; all the contact parts are made of stainless steel and supplied with a semi-automatic cleansing system. The result is a safe product for Haprosimex JSC and many other clients!’

Source: Imtech Ventilex)